Viza DeCline

"It's Viza with a Z, not Visa with an S, cause Viza with an S gets sued."

Viza DeCline is one of the most versatile entertainers you’ll ever experience, despite adamantly claiming to be a top. Comedian, actress, writer and host, she is a voice of reason for every season that has yet to be discovered. Or better yet, elevated.

With her vibrant violet eyes, observational humour, and bold, bawdy nature, this blonde haired Italian will always leave an impression. Whether she's discussing pop culture, politics, or the weird things we do as humans, Viza has an opinion about everything and everyone.  

Follow her on social media and join her journey to stardom as she searches for her "big break". You can call her a diva, you can call her a clown, just don’t call her bloated.

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